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Although strictly classed as a brochure design, the school or college prospectus design forms its own genre, being a design challenge that requires freshness and vitality along with the need to make often sober text and tables appear more interesting to the younger end user.

In addition colleges and schools are often among the more adventurous clients when it comes to marketing, allowing us a rather more free rein to break the conventions.


Olchfa School

school prospectus design swansea

The current Olchfa Sixth Form Prospectus design (above) is a 48 page A4 brochure design with a folder pocket on the inside back page of the cover. 

The colour theme is derived from the school's revamped sixth form lounge and library. This is the third incarnation of the prospectus we have designed (the older version shown below).

Previously the prospectus featured a tear-out central black and white application form. The prospectus itself is in full colour with a matt laminated cover. This was also provided as a page flip publication


school prospectus design wales

graphic design wales

Faculty of Art

prospectus design swansea

Conceived as a DVD holding foldout, this prospectus became a slipcase containing fifteen DVD-sized card disks - one for each course offered.

Art colleges always have a wealth of excellent imagery at hand and are usually a joy to work for as they are willing to explore unusual solutions to presenting themselves.


Trinity College

prospectus design wales

A substantial 100+ page perfect bound bilingual prospectus for Trinity College, Carmarthen.

A pared down 60 page English only version was also produced. The format is an unusual A4 square page (210x210mm).


graphic design wales

Foundation Art

college prospectus design

A single sheet foldout prospectus for an Art & Design Foundation Course which makes bold use of colour. The item folds to A5 and is also used as a double sided-poster.



course prospectus design

An eight page A4 prospectus design for the Learning Practitioners' Association provides information in editorial and graphic formats to prospective students.


graphic design wales
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