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We produce 2D or 3D digital illustration in-house for cases in which either photography is unsuitable or impossible. Whole new worlds can be created in virtual space and the manipulation possibilities of objects, textures and lighting are endless.

Graphical information can be displayed for legibility and clarity via well designed infographics and charts in keeping with brand style and colours. This also covers the graphical representation of statistical data or the production of bespoke maps. We also create multi-layered photomontage illustrations.



photo montage design

The cover image for Peterevans' product suite brochure is a multi layered digital photo montage based on the wealth of images developed for their quarterly newsletter.

The montage was also re-purposed into a layer by layer slow build movie for use at their exhibitions and website.



icon logo design

These intersecting glass rings were developed as part of a corporate and product logo design for a company producing three different ranges of specialist heat transfer fluids.

Separately, the individual rings form part of each respective product range logo.


graphic design wales

TFP Schemes

photo collage illustration

We love a multi-layered photo montage, this time used as the background of an A1 World Cup wallchart for this graphically adventurous insurance company. The plethora of Brazilian imagery is overlayed with the colours of the Brazilian flag making a vibrant image.


graphic design wales

Evans Cooling

3d background

This vortex was constructed in Bryce and given a glassy, water spout texture. The key to the strength of the image is the dramatic use of lighting which helps give the impression of movement.



background illustration

This semi abstract background was developed for use on a range of water dispensing machines and also on the company's exhibition stand and website. It was constructed in 3D and carefully lit for drama and shine.


graphic design wales


medical illustration

3D illustrations of skin sections showing the effects of laser lipo treatment on fat cells. The brochure illustrations were constructed and modified in Bryce with annotations added using Adobe Illustrator.


graphic design wales


3D logo design wales


This ring of rainbow coloured sycamore seeds was produced for a renewable fuel supply company logo design.

Initially drawn in Illustrator then layered and coloured in Photoshop.



3D icon design


3D icon generated for a shopping portal website.

Nick-named the "Trillion" this construction uses multi-coloured glass torpedo shapes arranged around a central core in a regular geometric pattern. Depth is given by use of a distance mask.


graphic design wales

Enjoy Gower

vector map illustration


A series of maps produced as PDFs for a tourism website design. The set covers the whole of the Gower peninsula in Wales and indicate all the relevant tourist information for each area. The set was produced using Adobe Illustrator and Acrobat.


graphic design wales


3D illustration swansea

This little daffodil was constructed in Bryce 3D for a marketing and PR company logo.

The subliminal idea behind it is of equating the daffodil's trumpet with a loud-hailer promoting the company's clients. The petals were constructed with metaballs to give a more fluid, organic look.



3D logo design

These "Xubes" were developed as the identity for Peterevans' new software suite - "Xanite".

The image is developed from the company's well-established logo. Used in on-going branding within brochures and advertisements in different formations, and also as filler images in a quarterly newsletter.


graphic design wales

The Ospreys

photo montage illustration


This set of fourteen photo montages were designed for the Ospreys for a set of hanging banners installed in the players' tunnel onto the pitch. Each photo manipulation featured the most valuable players of a season and any trophies they had won that year.


graphic design wales


icon design

A couple of different techniques for the same company. We designed a set of mugs and were required to produce 3D mock-ups in advance of sending them to print. This is a useful visualisation technique for accurate representations.

The set of "eco-icons" on the right was developed to accompany product details for a variety of specialist heat transfer fluids. Clarity and consistency was essential throughout the set in order to show the product features at a glance.


graphic design wales
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